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Luna Paws ~ Official 2012 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

First off I would like to say the thing that caught my on contact were her sweet nike kicks. Those look so cook and well presented to her body frame. I like how even as she is sporting human features she still has panda hair, eyes, and ears. She is a sexy thick creation with incredible boobs I must say, The stockings or black pants under her small and sexy shorts is a nice touch as well. One thing I am really liking is the color coordination you have going on here. It is like your have the right amount of every color carefully place from the pink, black, and white. I like how you let her have the white eyes to add to the panda touch. The pink shirt she has on is nothing short of hot and sexy. Her cheeks are so adorable and her earrings are really nice too. Another thing that is really hot is how her hair is white and black and dthe black side has a white spot in it in resemblance to a real panda if I'm not mistaken. It kind of look like a eyes. I have to say for this creation not to have a background this is an incredible piece you have. She is the creation and the background.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
10 out of 14 deviants thought this was fair.


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